Playing with HDR Images

20 04 2011

Playing with High Dynamic Range photo processing. I think I may be addicted.

Gravelly Valley at Sunset

JC Ready to T/O


Strip Hunting

28 02 2011

Good friend of mine has a family ranch outside Hollister. We’ve been wanting to fly over and land there. Work took me over to San Jose recently, so I detoured on the way home to check out a landing site. Got some video.

Out and About

11 02 2011

A fellow Rans builder flew his S6 ES II for the 1st time last weekend.  I was lucky to be on hand and take some pics.

On the way home, I mad a stop on a little hilltop in the foothills.  I love the ability to just put the plane down in random places.  It is a testament to the inherent safety of such a plane should it be an emergency, and not just goofing off.

AvWeb Pic of the Week!

14 12 2010

I had sent this pic in a while back at the suggestion of a friend.  Thought it was most likely on the cutting room floor, then this….. 3rd one down….


Buzzin’ Dad

23 11 2010

Little fun on the way to dads…..

BCP 2010 Fly-In Complilation

31 07 2010

Did some very lazy editing, threw in most of my pics, and made a video.  Actual flying vid is around 4 min in.  Its long…sorry!

Some Video from Idaho

30 06 2010

Have not edited at all yet, so for the tail cam ones, you’ll need to hit play, then pause and let the video load completely, then you can jump around.  Unfortunately with the tail cam (right now) I have to turn it on when I get in the plane, then turn it off after I land.  Sucks.