About the Rans S-7S

One.Echo.Whiskey,  is a 2009 Rans S7-S Courier.  The S7 is an extremely capable STOL (Short Take-Off and Landing) light aircraft.  In many ways, it’s the 21st century version of the Piper Super Cub.  It doesn’t carry quite as much, but in most other ways, it will outperform the Cub.

The aircraft is powered by the most ubiquitous engine for modern light aircraft – The 100hp Rotax 912S.  The light weight of the aircraft and efficient engine make it one of the most inexpensive “real” airplanes you can operate.  It runs on premium auto fuel and gets about 25miles/gal.

The aircraft is available today in the light-sport certified category or as a kit in the experimental category.  This version of the Rans S7-S, was built from a kit, and has some performance and other modifications, but other than that is essentially the same aircraft as the certified version.

Specs and Performance

Take Off Roll 325 ft (or less!)
Rate of Climb (1000 fpm solo
Service Ceiling 14,500 ft
Cruise 100 mph with my bush tires
VNE 130 mph
Stall Clean 35 mph indicated
Stall Flaps 28 mph indicated w/ VG’s!
Roll Rate 70° /sec
Glide Ratio 8:1
Landing Roll 340 ft
Endurance* 4.5 hrs
Range 450
Gross Weight 1350 lbs
Empty Weight 757 lbs
Useful Load 593 lbs
Wing Loading 8.37 lbs
Power Loading 12.32
Limit Load Factors +4 -2

2 responses

23 04 2013

Really like the S7S – very nice aeroplane – like a high performance version of the Auster I fly ( or not, as the case may be with the weather over here ). Id love an S7. Great strip machine and I love those tundra tyres you’ve slung on there! I have a fair bit of time in Super Cubs and loved then, so I imagine Id love the Courier, too. A poor mans Citabria?

23 04 2013

Thanks! Its closer to the capabilities of a Super Cub than a Citabria, but its also a great TW training aircraft like a Citrabria. It’s a delight to fly, and as mine is equipped, it will go anywhere a SuperCub will – at 1/2 the fuel burn!

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