There are lots of Rans aircraft around Westover Field in Jackson, CA.

Fred Weaver – S7 Guru and mentor, and former owner of my S7.  Weav, as most people call him, is a well of information on lots of things aviation.  I also share a spot in one of his hangars.  Weav flys this S7, a Harmon Rocket, and a Whitman Tailwind.

The Weav
The Weav

Mark Pringle and Crew at Rocky Mountain Kitplanes – –   Their craftmanship and knowledge of Rans aircraft is second to none – and super nice too!  They did much of my previous S7’s restoration

Mark's S7S (now sold)
Marks S7 (Now sold)

Charlie Huffman – Charlie flies a brand new S6S Tri Gear built by Mark Pringle and crew at Rocky Mountain Kitplanes.  It is absolutely pristine, with fantastic workmanship.

Martin and Diane Gates – Martin and Diane fly a Commanche and this S6S Taildragger.  It’s got a smaller wing so it’s speedy!  Great folks – flew with us to Johnson Creek in July 2008

Joel Milloway – Joel is one of the “THE” S7 guys, especially for great mods – I have his baggage bay Aux fuel tank.  He also makes a glare shield for the S7-S and has some new replacement tanks as well.


4 responses

17 06 2010

Oh yeah man. You’re what they call “connected”. –Throwing names like Weave and Miloway around like they are common household items. Your planes sure are shiny.

17 06 2010

Dude, shouldn’t you be in Idaho right now? Or…maybe you are mobile blogging….

20 12 2010
Joey Small

Fred Weaver a guru???? Not from my perspective. There much more well suited “gurus” out there than this guy. Fred is just loud and opinionated and believes he knows a lot. But he has little substance.

20 12 2010

Just my direct experience Joey. Not sure what yours is. Fred is opinionated for sure, but I don’t think one can argue that he knows quite a bit about the S-7. Whether you like him or not, I don’t think most of the other “gurus” could argue that either.

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