Johnson Creek Flying, Day 2

24 06 2010

Day 2 of flying – had about 3 min of rain last night.  I wonder how many were sitting in their tents wondering if they were going to have to run out and police some gear.  I was.  But, it didn’t last.

Overcast most of the day, which kept the temps and morning glare down.

RobBurson, Avidflyer (Joey) and I headed over to land Vines and to check out Mile Hi for the first time.  Ended up going straight to Mile Hi as it was “on the way”.

Mile Hi is actually about 1.1 miles hi.  It is literally the side of a mountain top at 5800ft, about 500ft long, and sloped up about 20 deg.  From up in the air, it looks like, well…a postage stamp.  It is generally considered on of, if not the, toughest published strips in the Idaho backcountry.  But for planes like mine or supercubs (or a 235 hp Maule Orion!), and an understanding of the approach and transition, it was really straight forward.

Couple passes, then we all landed without trouble.  For those who have not landed it, the key (form me, it may not work for everyone) is to establish a pretty low approach over the trees/ridge coming in, to reduce you angle to the “runway”.  Then, you just transition into a climb to parallel the runway with a little power.  Actually one of the better landings I made the whole day!  It takes about 2 seconds from touchdown, until your pouring on the power to make it to the top.

We got out and reveled in our achievement ( 😳 ) and Coyoteugly (Joe Dory, form Austin, NV – the guy who lands his SC on top of an 11K foot mountain) came in.  Man, talk about a greaser.  He’s done this before…  And a super nice guy.  What a beautiful spot.

Had a nice visit on the hill, then Rob headed to Mackey Bar for Breakfast, we went back to JC for bacon and eggs, then blasted off to hit Indian Creek and Lower Loon, then back.

Weather’s holding!

Another great day.  Now its time for warm beer.

Here are some pics



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