I have played around with a multitude of cameras, none of which I have been totally happy with.  I have used lipsticks, cheap HD types (Kodak Zi8), and regular video cameras.  The lipsticks have pretty crappy quality, but are nice and small for remote shooting and control.  The cheap HD types (CHD?) are super sensitive to vibration and have horrible prop effects, precluding getting pilot POV.  And the true HD camcorders – well, I don’t have one.  Borrowed an HD Canon with internal hard drive – the hard drive can’t handle the vibration!  At least not the way I have it mounted in the cockpit (RAM mount).

Will try a better cam set up some day, but for now I am using a ContourHD 1080P.  The video quality is actually pretty good, but still has some vibration and prop artifacts, and it’s not remotely controllable until I break it open, voiding the warranty, and modify it.  Which I will most likely do.

Some video from the ContourHD mounted on the tail:

You can see some of my older video here using different locations:


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