Johnson Creek, Day 1

23 06 2010

Great 1st day.  We departed Jackson Westover at 5:20 am, as soon as there was enough light.  Our first leg took us over the Sierras North of Tahoe at Emigrant Gap.  After Sierraville, we headed for Denio Jct., NV

Denio has 3 dirt runways.  When I say dirt, I mean….dirt.  Lots of very fine, silty dirt.  As we landed and began our taxi to the end of the pretty long runway, my large tires were throwing silt about 2 ft. on each side in a large spray.

You can taxi right up to the gas pump at the store/restaurant.  Cars pull in and think you must have run out of gas and landed on the highway.

We filled up and continued North towards Idaho.  Up before Rome, NV, I was out in front a ways, so I decided to drop down and check out a dry lake bed called Coyote Lake.  Didn’t see any coyotes, but I did come across two herds (?) of wild horses, galloping across the desert.  Never seen that before – uploading a little video of it I’ll post.

Made it to Cascade by about 11:30am, where we topped off our tanks before heading into Johnson Creek.

About 6.8 hrs or so flight time.  We averaged about 88mph – about the speed Joey’s avid makes with a 5 kt tailwind.  At that speed, my power was pulled way back and I only burned about 3.8 gallons/hr or less.  I burned about 25 gal of fuel – just more than one full tank on my SUV!

Here is a link to pics as well as some pics below

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24 06 2010
David Lee

Just Awesome!

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