16 06 2010

Been a long time since I have updated.  Anything.  Never even really finished setting up the blog.  So what’s been happening…..

Been tweaking on 1EW, mainly with tires.  Wanted to get some large tires to make off-airport landings.  Its amazing how much of the world tundra tires open up.  I now find myself constantly looking at areas as I fly over saying to myself  “I could land there”

At first I put on a set of Goodyear 26″ “blimp” tires.  Not really a true tundra tire, these things are pretty stiff.  But, they increase floatation on rough ground considerably.

As you can see – they are quite a bit bigger than my 800’s.

They also wear like iron on asphalt.

After flying those a bit, I came across some “retreaded” 29″ Alaskan Bushwheels.  These are the real deal.  Much softer, and larger.  Probably a little too heavy for the plane (26″ airstreaks would be the best), but overall – they are FRICKIN AWESOME.

Its pretty hard to screw up a landing, as they add so much cushion to the landing.

They do NOT wear well on asphalt so I have avoided the actual runway at all costs.  I recently did my BFR, and the instructor had more fun than I did as we didn’t land once on the runway – just in the grass between taxiway and runway!



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22 08 2010

You say: ”I came across some “retreaded” 29″ Alaskan Bushwheels”

I have a set of worn 31” Alaskan Bushwheels. I’m looking for a way to retread or recap them to put them under my experimental SuperCub. Could you please have some more info about retreading bushwheels??? Maybe the ex-owner of the tires???

By Email please

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